Extra Kitchen Counter Space Makeover

This is my extra counter space in my kitchen. There is a great story behind it and how I acquired it. My sisters and I were at the Salvation Army in Connecticut, where we met a man donating a boat load of stuff. He gave us this piece and a bunch of other things literally on SA’s loading dock. Needless to say the workers were not happy! Little sis actually had first dibs on this. I actually didn’t want it. But then I moved into an apartment with a tiny kitchen and no counter space. So, she gave it to me in exchange for one of my fur coats that I hadn’t worn in a while.

This was a lot of work. Especially because I did it in my apartment. Before you wood preservationists get upset that I painted this piece, just know that this was never a high quality wash stand to begin with. This must have been the maid’s wash stand. A close look at the quality of the woodwork shows that this is no show stopper. So I saved what I could. I chose a gloss for the base and sanded and stained the counter top in a mahogany finish. I also boiled all of the brass pieces in vinegar and then scrubbed them down with steel wool and baking powder.

The best part of all? My downstairs neighbor banged on the ceiling and cursed me out when I was sanding at 1am. Seriously? My husband couldn’t even here me in the next room. Psycho neighbor aside, the end result was soooo worth it!


And just because I busted my fingernail scrubbing the gorgeous brass pulls, here are a few closeups:


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  1. Danny Sanchez on said:

    Great outcome!

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